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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, by Randy Ellefson

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, by Randy Ellefson

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1. Better Things To Do – 4:17
2. A Trill A Minute – 5:41
3. Blue Sky – 3:08
4. The Waltz – 3:30
5. Everlast – 4:50
6. Just Passing Through – 4:$6
7. The Key – 4:46
8. Pitter Patter – 4:51
9. Mantra Dreamscape – 4:22
10. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid – 3:53

Total: 45:15

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Editorial Reviews

Fireworks Magazine (UK)

by Nicky Baldrian, December 2007

From Maryland comes the very talented RANDY ELLEFSON and his new CD ‘Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid’. The album kicks open with ‘Better Things To Do’. The track is excellently performed and flows with a nod towards Chris Impellitteri and Darren Householder and sets the style for the rest of the album.

The catchy ‘A Trill a Minute’ is a cool melodic ditty with a slight neo-classical edge. ‘Blue Sky’ reminds of Nuno Bettencourt ‘Midnight Express’ mixed with an almost progressive Dream Theater style epic riff, this is one of my favourite tracks as it has a lot of influences and moods flowing through it.

‘The Waltz’ is pure Satriani whilst ‘Everlast’ is another favourite tune in the style of Impelliteri and Yngwie Malmsteen, again it mixes melody with neo-classical shredding and is superb, very moody track. ‘Just Passing Through’ is grittier, and a little heavier. Randy effortlessly keeps his style playing through this track as he does with the whole album.

‘The Key’ is another firm favourite, being very solid, melodic and catchy with awesome shredding. ‘Pitter Patter’ picks up the pace and sketches water colours with Vinnie Moore and George Lynch whilst ‘Mantra Dreamscape’ is more of the above and one of the only tracks that failed to grab my attention being a tad weaker in structure but still melodic. Last song ‘Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid’ end the album and a superb melodic note and conjures up an atmospheric melodic piece that could almost be an instrumental Dokken track.

‘STABLU’ is a well-balanced album that flows in both the melodic and neo-classical genres. Ellefson is an impressive talent and you will find a very rewarding instrumental album if you check it out.

by Simon Lukic, September 2007
Rating: 4.0/5

Ah the guitar instrumental album. There’s nothing quite like one and despite the general distaste – in some quarters, for the guitar virtuosos of the eighties I still remember those days fondly. I mean with names like Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Tony MacAlpine, Michael Lee Firkins, Marty Friedman, Richie Kotzen and Jason Becker amongst others leading the way, how could one complain? Well the public did and these so called “shredders” were pushed to the back of line for a while with only Joe Satriani and Steve Vai maintaining some presence on the scene with consistent tours and a steady release schedule.

Well times are changing and the solo is slowly working its way back into the limelight. The fact that it could have ever be seen as dated still astounds me… but that’s a discussion better left for another day because I’m here to inform you of a brilliant player by the name of Randy Ellefson and his second release SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID.

His debut THE FIREBARD released in 2004 was a fine introduction that showcased his diverse talents as a shredder but also as a fine songwriter with a solid grasp on melody and hooks. SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID takes things further and sees Randy stretching his ideas – not only his fingers, into other directions. What many who have the debut will now hear is Randy going into a definite Rock/Metal direction and the heavier playing works really well. He sounds very comfortable and the whole CD flows in an assured manner. The playing is both tasteful and exciting and for comparisons sake I would say the music combines the work of Joe Satriani with the wit of Greg Howe in one neat package but with Randy’s personality stamped all over it.

Also to be commended are the efforts of bassist Dave DeMarco and drummer Jeff Moos who provide a flawless backdrop for Randy to work off. Jeff, for those of you that remember was behind the kit for the late Mercury Rising, a progressive Metal band who released two brilliant albums – UPON DEAF EARS and BUILDING ROME on Noise Records in the nineties (check). It’s certainly great to hear him back in action.

I’ll finish things up here and encourage you to check out Randy’s playing and SOME THINGS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID. Guitar virtuosos and the instrumental rock album may never reach the heights of the eighties – I do hope that I’m wrong, so it’s brilliant that artists such as Randy Ellefson exist and are committed enough to release music with so much quality and passion.

Choice cuts: “Better Things To Do”, “Just Passing Through”, “The Key”, “Pitter Patter” and “Some Things Are Better Left Said”.

by Jonathan Mariante, October 2007

Classically trained guitarist Randy Ellefson (no relation to Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson, I presume) releases his second album of guitar-o-rama. He is a very good player, and has overcome tendonitis. You gotta give him kudos for that, and more so for his talents. He plays very skillfully and technically, and jams with the best of them. His style is along the lines of Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson. He is master of virtuosity and proficiency, and can really work his fretboard. This album is all instrumental, and every song is a full speed ahead rocker, with hot licks and guitar wizardry galore. His classical skills really show in his playing. He plays with a lot of sophistication and many complex arrangements. He can also play quite fast, never missing a beat. He rocks out with class, and all the songs are very well written. Although there is no singing on the album, the music seems to speak with its own voice. Randy makes his guitar talk. He is an amazing musician who has overcome a serious condition to keep on playing, and be in the same league as many guitar greats. Way to go , Randy!

What Are People Saying?

“Thanks once again for the superb album! I can tell you that the most wanted and loved tracks from the album by my listeners are The Key, Better Things To Do, The Waltz, and Everlast, but to be honest, all the album tracks had a major impact on my listeners!!! Thanks so much and sinceres congratulations for such an inspired album!” Ovidiu Dumitrescu – Romanian Radio Station

“The new disc tears through some really intense solo guitar. This guy is an amazing play and writes some killer guitar riffs. In my book, this release is a must have for anyone into solo guitar records. The players are amazing.” Susie Mudd – Music Monthly Magazine

“His finger flexibility is still astonishing and it is especially audible in extremely melodic solos.”
Mikolaj Furmankiewicz – Department of Virtuosity

“I absolutely love you stuff. Brilliant. Great playing, great tone. Really nice melody and chord changes too.” Dave Shelley

“I posted your name and link in my Kick Ass Guitar Pickers section. Blue Sky sounds killer Randy!” Zootman

“I like your video! Great song, great sound and very beautiful playing! Have a really great time!” Daniel Borg

“WOW! Delightful invigorating tunes! Makes me wanna go extreme skiing. I’m also diggin’ the stuff on the video player.” Sadi Synn

Album Credits

All songs written and arranged by Randy Ellefson, Copyright 2007 Randy Ellefson (ASCAP).


Randy Ellefson – All guitars

Jeff Moos – Drums

Dave DeMarco – Bass


Released July 31, 2007 by Guitarosity Records (indie)

Produced by Randy Ellefson

Guitars engineered by Randy Ellefson at The Firebard Studios, Maryland

Drums, bass, and guitar re-amping engineered by Drew Mazurek at High View Studios, Baltimore

Mixed by Drew Mazurek and Randy Ellefson at High View Studios, Baltimore Maryland

Mastered by Ed Littman, New Jersey

Artwork and layout by Randy Ellefson

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