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The Complete Art of World Building Podcast Transcripts

The Complete Art of World Building Podcast Transcripts

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Learning to create a unique, immersive setting one podcast episode at a time.

A guide for authors, gamers, and hobbyists.

World building strategist Randy Ellefson turned his successful book series, The Art of World Building, into a popular podcast, with episodes loosely drawn from each book in the series. The Complete Art of World Building Podcast Transcripts brings together every episode, previously only available in volumes 4-6.

More improvisational and freewheeling than the books, the episodes delve into more details about everything. From Creating Life, he discusses gods, species/races, plants, animals, monsters, heroes, villains, and even the undead. From Creating Places, he covers how to invent planets, continents, sovereign powers, settlements, history, maps, and more. From Cultures and Beyond, he examines inventing names, organizations, armed forces, cultures, and more, including magic, educational, legal, communication, and health systems.

No other world building podcast provides transcripts you can take with you.

Build better, faster.

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Narrated by Randy Ellefson.

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Table of Contents

Episodes Included

1: Intro to the Podcast

2: How to Use Analogues

3: How Many Worlds to Build

4.1 and 4.2: How to Create Gods and Pantheons

5.1, 5.2, 5.3: How to Create Species and Races

6: How to Create World Figures

7: How to Create Monsters

8: How to Create Plants

9: How to Create Animals

10.1 and 10.2: How to Create Undead

22: Assign Senses to Species11.1 and 11.2: How to Create Planets

12: How to Create a Continent

13.1 and 13.2: How to Create Land Features

14.1, 14.2, and 14.3: How to Create Sovereign Powers

15.1 and 15.2: How to Create Settlements

16: Travel Over Land

17: Travel Over Water

18: Travel In Space

19: Create Time & History

20: Create Places of Interest

21: How To Create Maps

23: Creating Names

24: Organizations

25: Armed Forces

26: Religions

27.1-27.4: Cultures

28: Languages

29: The Supernatural

30: Items

31.1, 31.2: Magic Systems

32: Other Systems

33: Conclusion

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